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7 Foods That Naturally Detox Your body

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detox the body

Do you want to keep your body healthy through your diet?

If so, you will need to consider detoxing your body from the everyday toxins in your current diet. To jump-start the process, we suggest following a healthy, safe detox program. We’ve compiled a list of seven foods that will naturally detox your system.

To get more vitamins into your body and remove toxins, take a look at our list of the best foods to eat.

1. Fruit

When you’re ready to detox to lose weight, be sure to get plenty of fruit into your diet including oranges, watermelon, and bananas. Usually, fruit has a high water content. This means that fruits will be more likely to flush out toxins from your system. They’ll also expedite the detox process.

You will find that fruit is easy to digest and has plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber for your health. There are lots of added benefits to consuming more fruit. In fact, the antioxidants in fruit can actually help to reduce your risk of cancer.

2. Green vegetables

Another great detoxifying food? Leafy green vegetables such as kale, and arugula. The chlorophyll in these vegetables can help remove toxins such as herbicides, pesticides, and toxic metals.

Green vegetables are also great for repairing your liver. So be sure to get leafy greens in your diet!

3. Garlic

Garlic is one type of food that is very important to a detox diet. You will want to add cooked or sliced garlic to any dish that you cooked up in order to boost your detox diet.

Garlic is known for stimulating your liver into overdrive. This will help remove extra toxins from your system. So be sure to add garlic to your vegetable dish! You can also take it in supplement form.

4. Lemons, limes, and oranges

Citrus fruit is filled with water. As a result, lemons and limes are known for flushing out toxins from your system. Also, citrus fruit gives a great boost your digestive system. A strong digestive system is able to remove toxins quickly.

Lemon also supports kidney and liver function. Be sure to have a glass of lemon water every day.

5. Raw vegetables

You can eat vegetables either raw or in juice form as part of your detox diet. The type of vegetables you should include are carrots, broccoli, kale, beets, and cauliflower. You can also add turmeric and oregano to flavor your vegetables.

A mix of raw vegetables will help your liver function in remove toxins more quickly. These vegetables also have sulfur, which is a natural chemical that removes harmful toxins.

6. Nuts and seeds

For a better diet, be sure to add nuts and seeds to your salads and snacks.

There are many options to choose from including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,  sesame seeds, walnuts, and almonds. However, if you get peanut butter, be sure it doesn’t include any added sugars. Instead, look for natural peanut butter, or even almond butter.

7. Eggs

For breakfast, be sure to add eggs to your meal. Eggs have plenty of sulfur, a mineral found in protein-rich foods. Sulfur is good at detoxifying your system because it improves liver function.

Start Feeling Better Today

We hope you will include the seven options above in your detox diet. Do you have any other great foods that will help a detox diet and boost your health? If so, let us know in the comments below!

How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Joints

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Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, or who just makes a habit of eating healthful, wholesome food, knows to steer clear of fast food restaurants. Those double decker cheeseburgers, fried chicken sandwiches, french fries, and milkshakes can wreak havoc on your best intentions.

Sometimes fast food restaurants are unavoidable. If you’re on the road and there’s nothing else available, or your children are clamoring for the toy inside the kids’ meal, you might not have any alternate food options.

But that doesn’t mean you have to cave or cheat. Here’s our guide to eating healthy at fast food joints!

Tex-Mex Is Tempting…But It Can Also Be Healthful

Stopping at a fast-casual tex-mex place like Chipotle, Qdoba or Moe’s? Skip the burrito, the guacamole (it costs extra, anyway!), and any soup or salad that comes in a dish made out of a deep-fried tortilla.

Burrito bowls can be a good choice, though, if you skip the rice, cheese, and sour cream. Load up on beans, a lean protein like chicken, and fajita veggies. To boost the flavor of your bowl, add in low-cal extras like cilantro, Pico de gallo or salsa, and black olives.

Yes, You Can Eat At Burger Joints

As long as you’re very careful about your order, not even hamburger places are off-limits. Opt for a plain burger without mayo or “special sauces,” and ask for extra lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

Or try a grilled chicken sandwich, again with extra veg. Mustard adds a kick without adding calories, but be careful with ketchup, which is loaded with sugar and salt. Another option here is to go bun-less and have your burger wrapped in lettuce.

If you find yourself at Wendy’s, try their famous chili — a large is just 310 calories and will fill you up. Their baked potatoes can also be good choices, as long as you limit toppings.

A word to the wise: don’t be fooled by chains’ healthy-sounding options, like salads. While some fast food salads fit into a healthy lifestyle, others are calorie bombs. Anything with fried chicken, creamy dressings, and high-fat extras like nuts or crunchy noodles should be on your blacklist.

Pizza, Pizza!

Pizza can be an indulgence, but there are some healthier options. Most weight loss programs for women don’t explicitly forbid any food, but advise making modifications and exercising portion control.

Some chains offer “garden” varieties; in general, the more vegetables you can pile on your fast food offerings, the better!

If you have a choice between thin and thick crust, thin crust is the clear winner.

Either way, keep your intake to one slice, but be wary of sodium levels, and work to consume less sodium in the rest of your day’s meals.

Get Your Sandwich On

If you bypass the meatballs and melted cheese, sub shops can be relatively healthful. Turkey breast is a safe bet, especially paired with a whole wheat roll, fresh veggies galore, and mustard instead of mayo.

Naturally, you should also say “no thank you” to any combo meal that would add chips, a cookie, or a soft drink to your lunch. Drink water instead, or choose low-fat milk for the calcium.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re on the go, so you can feel good about your choices at fast food joints!

5 Healthy Drinks You Can Make With Kratom Powder

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kratom powder

Whether you’re using kratom powder to relieve back pain, reduce anxiety, or alleviate stress, the fact still remains — it tastes a little gross.

So what can you do to still get all kratom powder’s benefits, minus all the yucky flavor?

Hide the taste by putting it in a delicious recipe, of course! And what better way than in a nutritious beverage?

Here is a list of the top five healthy drink recipes that will make it so you don’t even notice that bitter aftertaste, but still get all the benefits of your kratom leaves.

5 Healthy Drink Recipes with Kratom Powder

These easy-to-sip tasty drinks will go down quick, so you can experience your kratom’s side effects fast without suffering through the bitter flavor.

1. Coffee

Nothing kills every other flavor like a good, strong cup of jo! That black liquid gold has the ability to overpower anything.

Add lots of flavored creamer or milk to cut the bitter taste even more. You won’t even notice a difference in your morning routine!

2. Orange or Grapefruit Juice

These powerfully flavored citrus juices help mask any other flavor, including kratom. If you can get over the green color it turns your juice, you won’t even notice much of a difference in taste!

Pro tip: sip your juice with a straw out of a colored cup. It will help trick your brain!

Just mix it in and let it sit until your powder dissolves. This will get rid of that gritty texture.

3. Lemon Tea

Try boiling your powder to make a tea! Here’s how:

  • Add two cups of water to a small sauce pan
  • Let it come to a simmer
  • Add kratom powder
  • Let it dissolve
  • Strain through a coffee filter
  • Add a squeeze of lemon and tablespoon of honey

Not only does lemon, which is on many lists of food that detox the body, help cut the flavor but it also helps extract the alkaloids from the kratom.

4. Chocolate Milk

Everybody needs their daily calcium dose. Why not have it with your kratom? And better yet, add chocolate!

Mix the powder into a tall glass of brown cow milk to not only get your chocolate fix but mask the flavor of your kratom completely. Keep in mind, not all kratom tastes the same. You can find different types for sale at The Kratom Connection; find the one that best suits your taste and needs.

5. Fruit Smoothie

Make a yummy smoothie with your kratom powder! You can have a snack and get your dosage in at the same time.

Some great flavors that cut the bitter taste are mango, blackberry, and peanut butter banana.

Use yogurt and frozen fruit for a thicker, creamier smoothie. Alternatively, you can use fresh fruit and milk for a smoothie that’s quicker to drink.

5 Common Behavioral Problems in Pet Parrots (And How to Fix Them)

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For any pet owner, it’s important to recognize when pets are displaying behavioral problems and to know how to resolve the issue.

And, just as pet like cat & dogs can misbehave, pet parrots can exhibit a range of problem behaviors and cause frustration for their owners.

However, there are certain behavioral issues displayed by parrots which are more widely reported than others.

Read on to find out what behavioral problems to look out for in your pet parrot and what you can do to fix them.

1. Biting

Biting is probably the most common problem seen in pet parrots, and it’s often a result of how the owner approaches and treats their pet.

If you approach your pet parrot with apprehension, it will sense this and respond with a bite. And if you use your hands to shoo your bird away or cause harm, it will learn to associate your hands with something bad. Parrots and other birds don’t have hands to defend themselves so they use their beaks.

Unfortunately, not all birds are as well-treated as those from XtreemParrotlets and may be acting out of fear after experiencing abuse. So, even if you’ve always been kind to your pet parrot, it may be reacting this way due to how it was previously treated.

The best way to overcome the problem of biting is to approach your parrot calmly and only ever use your hands in a friendly way, never for rejection or punishment.

Reward your parrot when it doesn’t bite you, and avoid reacting when it does. If you scream or yelp this will reinforce the behavior and your parrot will continue to bite you.

2. Feather Plucking

This is a serious issue that close to three out of ten birds suffer from at some point, although there are many different causes for it.

A poor diet can cause brittle or frayed feathers so be sure to provide your pet parrot with a varied diet full of nutrients.

A lack of light can also lead parrots to self-mutilate. Put your bird’s cage in a sunny spot of the house so that your parrot gets a daily dose of sunshine and vitamin D.

Feather plucking can be as a result of boredom. Keep your parrot entertained with toys and make sure that its cage is big enough to move around in.

Lastly, feather plucking is often a sign of depression or loneliness. Spend plenty of time with your parrot and give it lots of attention, especially if you have recently spent time away from home or someone in the household has left.

3. Screaming

While screaming and vocalizing are common for most birds, especially at dawn and dusk, inappropriate screaming is a clear problem.

As with biting, you should ignore any screaming or sounds you don’t like and avoid looking at or going to your parrot when it’s screaming.

But, also make a point of rewarding your pet with attention and praise when it stops screaming. Gradually wait for longer periods of time before giving attention so that your parrot learns not to scream.

Screaming can be a result of boredom or stress. So, to eliminate the cause of the problem, make sure your parrot is well-stimulated with toys and plenty of human interaction.

And, just as talking or writing down our feelings can help us cope with stress, teaching your parrot to talk can help it express what it’s feeling.

4. Destructive Behavior

Destructive behavior in parrots such as making a mess of their cage or biting furniture is often a sign that your pet isn’t receiving enough mental stimulation.

Be sure to spend lots of time with your parrot, talk to it and include it in your daily activities, such as family meal times and watching television.

Get new toys for your parrot to stave off boredom and make a point of regularly talking to your parrot and praising it, especially when it refrains from destructive behavior.

5. Becoming Territorial

Territorial birds will react to or attack anyone who occupies a certain area, such as a piece of furniture, claiming it as personal territory.

Birds can sometimes become territorial as a result of hormonal changes. However, your parrot’s territoriality might be a sign that it is unhappy with its environment and isn’t as comfortable with you as you would like.

Bonding techniques such as sharing bird-safe food and giving your parrot regular baths can help, as can relaxing your parrot with soothing music. Try to create a calm, open atmosphere so that your parrot learns to live alongside you and your family without the need to claim territory.

7 Ways to Relieve Chronic Foot and Back Pain

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foot and back pain

Struggling with foot and back pain? Have a hard time sleeping and moving around? Before popping pills, consider making some lifestyle changes.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs come with a myriad of side effects. Kidney problems, bloating, depression, and fluid retention are just a few to mention. Even the humble aspirin may cause stomach ulcers and indigestion when used for a long time.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to relieve pain naturally. For instance, certain exercises can strengthen the back muscles and reduce tension. Ice packs help with inflammation and swelling.

First, it’s important to determine the root cause of pain. This way, you’ll be able to find a treatment that best suits your needs.

What Causes Foot and Back Pain?

More than 31 million Americans have lower back pain at any given time. This is leading cause of disability worldwide. It can affect your flexibility, mobility, and quality of life.

Sometimes, the pain can radiate into the legs and foot. It may also cause aches in the chest or abdominal area. Sciatica, for example, may can to chronic pain in the back and legs.

Foot and back pain can be related or not. It all comes down to the cause of your symptoms. Your feet can hurt for various reasons, such as:

  • Bone spurs
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Flatfeet
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Bursitis
  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Sports injuries

Certain lifestyle factors, such as sitting for too long or wearing high heels, may cause foot pain too. However, this symptom can also indicate a serious condition like arthritis. In this case, you may experience back pain as well.

Under normal conditions, pain should subside within a few days or weeks. If it doesn’t, see your doctor as soon as possible.

How to Relieve Pain Naturally

Unless you suffer from a serious condition, natural remedies should do the trick. Even if you do have chronic pain, they can help relieve discomfort.

Regardless of the cause of your problem, it’s important to act as soon as possible. If left untreated, pain can persist and become chronic. In the worst case scenario, it can leave you disabled.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to relieve foot and back pain naturally. Let’s get into it!

Book a Massage

Massage therapy has long been used for its ability to reduce pain and aches. It not only improves these symptoms but also helps with depression and sleep problems. Moreover, it boosts endorphin levels, which helps relieve pain and lifts your mood.

This healing practice increases blood flow to your joints and muscles, accelerating recovery. At the same time, it improves flexibility and range of motion. Plus, you’ll catch more zzz’s and have greater energy.

Stay Active

When you’re struggling with foot and back pain, you want to get as much rest as possible. However, too much bed rest can worsen your symptoms and reduce joint mobility.

Research shows that regular exercise, especially strength training can significantly relieve pain and speed up healing.

Furthermore, it helps you maintain a healthy body weight. Every extra pound puts pressure on your spine and joints, making pain worse.

Try Yoga

In clinical trials, subjects who practiced yoga showed a greater reduction in pain and increase in flexibility compared to the control group. They also reported enhanced mental well-being and stress relief.

Yoga stretches and strengthens your spine while improving joint flexibility. It also helps develop core strength, which contributes to a good posture.

Certain poses are particularly effective against back pain. Your workout should include the bow pose, the bridge pose, the camel pose, the cat pose, and the dolphin pose.

Avoid Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting is a major contributing factor to foot and back pain. In the long run, it may increase your risk of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and obesity.

Statistics indicate that sitting for too long doubles the risk of death from any cause. This should be reason enough to leave the couch and get active.

Wear Orthotics

Physiotherapists recommend foot orthotics for a good reason. These accessories help realign foot positioning on the ground, which in turn, improves your gait and posture. As a result, you’ll experience less pain.

Insoles are among the most popular and convenient orthotics. They’re particularly beneficial for those with Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, and backaches. Plus, they prevent blisters and rubbing.

To reap the benefits, choose a quality brand. Samurai Insoles, for instance, are designed to relieve pain and improve comfort. Each pair comes with a one year warranty, so they’re designed to last.

Use a Foam Roller

Athletes and gym goers use foam rolling to sooth tensed muscles and recover faster from training.

This practice involves massaging the affected areas with a lacrosse ball or foam roller. Think of it as a firm of self-massage or deep tissue massage.

Foam rolling works by breaking down the muscle knots or trigger points that cause pain. It also improves circulation and supports tissue repair.

Take Natural Supplements

Glucosamine sulfate, magnesium, calcium, and other supplements can help relieve foot and back pain naturally. Some increase bone strength and increase your pain threshold. Others improve lumbar spine mobility.

If your pain is due to arthritis, take glucosamine. This compound lubricates the joints and increases mobility. For this reason, it’s often prescribed to those with arthritis and severe joint pain.

Restore Your Health and Range of Motion

These are just a few of the many ways to reduce pain and keep your joints healthy. Depending on your needs, you can also try Epsom salt baths, ice therapy, Pilates, and stretching.

Try to limit strese and squeeze more “me” time into your routine. The more relaxed you are, the less discomfort you will experience. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can improve your body’s ability to cope with pain.

How to Stay Positive and Reduce Divorce Stress

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divorce stress

While divorce rates are falling, they’re still quite common, with about 40 percent of all marriages ending in divorce.

Splitting up with a spouse can bring tons of heartache and turmoil, as well as financial, familial, and personal stress.

During these times, it’s pertinent that you stay positive and do everything you can to reduce divorce stress.

While that’s often easier said than done, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can minimize divorce stress and stay positive during this dark period.

Spend Time With Family And Friends

When you marry, you expect your partner to be the one person you can always count on. So it makes sense that your faith in others may be a bit shaken following your decision to get a divorce.

Don’t let your past experiences dictate your future. Now, more than ever is the time to reach out.

Start spending time with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to confide in them and let them know you’re hurting.

By nature, humans are empathetic and seek companionship from others who understand us. Leaning on your loved ones can bring you closer and lift you up during your time of need.

Keep Track of Finances

Aside from the emotional pain, divorces can be financially draining when you factor in the cost of lawyers and court fees. On average, the price of divorce falls somewhere between $500 and $9,000.

Therefore, you’ll need to be smart with your money. If you haven’t already, start keeping track of your finances.

Free sites like Mint can help you determine a monthly budget that fits your needs when going through a divorce.

Write About Your Divorce Stress

Even with work and social obligations, it’s easy to isolate yourself and get stuck in your own head.

Be careful of critical thinking. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop.

You can curb negative thinking by writing your feelings down in a journal,

Whenever you’re feeling upset, write out your feelings. Studies show that there are benefits to seeing your thoughts on paper.

Volunteer Your Time

Giving your time to others in need is a great way to take you out of your own mind (and home) for a little while. By volunteering, you’ll stay busy while making a difference in your community.

There are tons of service options for people of every type.

Take cute shelter puppies out for a walk if you love animals. Hand out meals at your local soup kitchen if you’re concerned about the homeless. Mentor kids and take a vested interest in their future.

After an afternoon of service, your divorce stress will lower and you’ll feel great about yourself to boot.

Final Thoughts on Coping With Divorce Stress

Divorce is never a happy situation. But you can view it as the end of your life or the beginning of a brand new chapter.

Keep these tips in mind and remember to breathe. You can handle anything that comes your way.

3 Vitamins for Athletes That Increase Performance

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You’ve moved on from being a gym newbie to meting all of your fitness goals. As you move into your new lifestyle, you need to up your supplements.

Navigating the vitamin aisle at your local fitness store can be an adventure unto itself. Not to mention everybody and their brother has tons of advice.

Two-thirds of elite athletes take one or more supplements. You’d like to take a few but don’t know which ones work best.

If you’re uncertain where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got three essential vitamins for athletes that you can’t do without.

But first, let’s talk about what you should look for when purchasing supplements.

What To Look For In Vitamins For Athletes

Like we mentioned before, roaming the aisles at your local vitamin store can be daunting. With all the bottles and boxes, it can be hard to make a choice.

Here’s some things to keep in mind when shopping for supplements:

  • Label transparency – Look for labels that list every ingredient.
  • Third party testing – Have they submitted their product for outside testing?
  • Types of ingredients – The best quality ingredients yield the best results.
  • Dosage and warnings – Are they clear about dosage recommendations and usage warnings?

Keep these in mind when you’re looking for supplements to help you reach your athletic peak. Now let’s talk about the three additions to your diet that you can’t do without.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are one of the most potent vitamins for athletes. They are going to push your performance to the next level.

B6 and B12 play an essential role in converting food into energy. Plus, they are neurotransmitter cofactors, meaning they help boost your mood.

B vitamins are necessary for all kinds of athletes but weightlifters should take special note. Taking your B vitamins aids in repairing muscle damage from heavy lifting.


Your muscles need magnesium to function, yet many people are deficient. Although up to 60% of it is stored in bones, it’s mostly used for your muscles.

Magnesium helps with your muscle contractions, which is why you get cramps if you don’t get enough. It also helps regulate your heartbeat and aids in the production of ATP, the main energy source for your body.

Not sure if you’re deficient? Watch out for mood swings, muscle cramps, and chocolate cravings. Adding Tribulus Terrestris Suplemento, along with foods rich in magnesium, keeps your energy up.

Vitamin D

Speaking of vitamins for athletes that help with mood swings, vitamin D is up on the list. Many people are deficient in this essential supplement, too.

Vitamin D helps with everything from regulating your sleep, to keeping your mood up, to reducing inflammation. Look for sublingual liquid supplements that work faster than pill form.

The Most Common Signs and Causes of Hair Loss

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signs of hair loss

You may not realize it, but you lose around 50 to 100 hairs a day. In fact, everybody does.

What happens if you start losing more? Losing your hair is a horrible feeling. It can result in self-esteem issues, depression, embarrassment and a general lack of confidence. While hair loss is much more common in men, it can also affect women too.

The reasons for hair loss are vast and vary from person to person. Some people experience slow and gradual loss over many years and others lose their hair in a matter of months. Regardless of how it’s affecting you, it always helps to educate yourself.

Let’s go over some of the common signs of hair loss and possible causes.

Signs to Watch Out For

Hair loss manifests itself in different ways. There are a number of symptoms to watch out for. These symptoms could be connected to the reason you’re losing your hair, so make sure to examine your scalp and keep a record of what’s going on.

It’s important to see your doctor if you think you’re losing your hair prematurely or as a result of other health issues. First, look for the following warning signs.


Gradually thinning hair is the most common way men and women experience loss. The thinning process often occurs over the course of many years.

For men, thinning begins as a receding hairline. It starts on the sides near the temples and increases in depth over time.

Women, on the other hand, experience a general thinning over the entire head. A good indication is if your part is beginning to increase in size.

Bald Spots

One of the most frustrating signs of hair loss is a bald spot somewhere on the scalp. This can be very embarrassing, as sometimes it happens rather quickly.

Men experience this much more often, though it’s possible in women too. It’s a common symptom of male pattern baldness. A bald spot may start relatively small towards the back of the head and increase in size.


One of the early signs of hair loss is an itchy or irritated scalp. If this starts happening suddenly and you don’t have a history of dandruff, it may mean your hair’s falling out.

It’s possible your scalp has a build-up of sebum, which causes itchiness. Sebum is the oil in your skin. If the pores on your scalp are clogged with sebum, the hair follicles may get blocked.

Keep in mind that an itchy scalp could be the result of a number of things. You’ll need to see a doctor to determine the exact cause.

Your Hair Grows Slower

If you notice you don’t need a haircut as frequently, this could be one of the signs of hair loss. Male pattern baldness occurs because your hair follicles enter a resting phase as you get older. This means your hair won’t grow as fast.

Physical Evidence

You may also notice evidence of loss in the shower when you wash your hair. You may also see more falling out when you brush or comb your hair.

You can also look for hair left on your pillow when you wake up. These all could indicate you’ve started to lose your hair.

Possible Causes

Now that we’ve gone over some of the common signs of hair loss, let’s look at reasons why it could be happening.

Remember, everyone’s different and your genetic makeup may have a lot to do with losing your hair. However, there are some environmental and health-related issues that may cause it as well.


Too much stress seems to wreak havoc on all aspects of our health, and hair loss is no exception.

Stress affects your blood pressure, and often this means your scalp isn’t getting good blood flow. If you’re under constant stress, don’t be surprised if you notice your hair falling out.

The good thing is you can reverse the amount of loss by finding ways to reduce stress.

Hair Care Products

Unfortunately, many brand name hair care products include harmful chemicals. Your skin absorbs these chemicals when you wash or style your hair. Over time, the result could be hair loss.

If you suspect this is happening, try switching to all-natural products and see if the loss stops. Capillus offers a wide range of products to help with hair recovery.


Some women experience hair loss during pregnancy as a result of both stress and hormonal changes.

It’s also common after the physical and emotional stress of giving birth. Some women notice hair loss in the weeks after their baby is born. This typically stops and hair grows back within months.

Not Getting Enough Protein

If you can’t discover a cause after seeing signs of hair loss, it may be connected to your diet. This is something many people overlook. The good this is, you may simply need more protein.

When your body doesn’t get enough protein, it naturally rations the protein it has. One of the ways it does this is by cutting back on hair growth.


This is one of the most common causes of going bald. You may be genetically inclined to lose your hair. This goes for both men and women.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to fight heredity. However, talk to your doctor about what you can do to slow down the process.


Certain prescription medications cause hair loss in many people. Some common medications that do this include antidepressants, painkillers, and blood pressure medication.

If you notice accelerated hair loss when you start a prescription, speak to your doctor right away.

Watch for These and Other Signs of Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss is both embarrassing and a jolt to your self-confidence. If it’s inevitable, the best thing you can do is accept it and try not to stress. Remember, worrying about it could just cause more hair to fall out.

Paying attention to the warning signs and causes above could give you a jump on slowing or preventing the process. If you think you need extra help, speak to your doctor about your options.

What’s the Best Dog Movie of All Time?

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For whatever reason, movies that feature relationships between dogs and people have the ability to make us even more emotional than movies about people alone. We laugh harder, cry harder or feel the strong tug of nostalgia thinking about how much we love our own pets.

Even if you aren’t a dog owner yourself, you can probably think of your favorite dog movie. From comedies to dramas to silent films, there have been so many memorable roles for dogs on the big screen.

Below, we’re counting down the best dog movie moments of all time. Read on for our top eight rankings, and get inspired for your next movie night.

8. Beethoven

Number 8 on the best dog movie list is Beethoven. As slobbery as he was lovable, Beethoven the St. Bernard won all of our hearts in this classic early nineties film.

Centered around the Newton family, the movie showed the ups and downs of adopting a puppy. Beethoven may have started out small and cute, but it wasn’t long before he was a full grown St. Bernard with the strength — and the slobber — to match. And though most of the family loved him from the beginning, it took the Newton family patriarch, a while to come around.

The original film was such a hit that seven sequels followed, though the original cast — including the dog who played Beethoven — were only all together for the first and second films.

7. Benji

Coming in at number 7 on the best movie list is Benji. What made the movie so popular at the time of its release was the way the story was told through the dog’s eyes. A local mutt who has endeared himself to the residents of his small Texas town, Benji becomes nothing short of a hero when his favorite children go missing.

The dog who played Benji was a mixed-breed found in a California animal shelter and went on to become one of the most famous dog actors of the time. The pup went on to have a 14-year career in show business.

6. Air Bud

On the surface, this movie was about a dog named Buddy who possesses the uncanny ability to play basketball. In truth, it was about how much dogs can enrich our lives.

Josh, the movie’s central figure, is a lonely boy who moves to a small town in the aftermath of his dad’s death . He’s too shy to make friends and doesn’t have the confidence to try out for the school’s basketball team. When he meets Buddy and realizes what Buddy can do, all of that changes.

Air Bud was such a success, partially because America was fascinated by the true story that inspired it . Writer Kevin di Cicco adopted a stray dog, named him Buddy, and trained him to play basketball, as well as chess, football and a variety of other sports.

5. The Fox and The Hound

It was hard to pick just one animated movie for the best dog movie list, but ultimately The Fox and The Hound won out. Like most Disney movies, this animated film is both lighthearted and fun, while still delivering an important message.

The movie tells the story of a fox and a hound who become best friends as young animals. As they grow up, they are forced to face their true natures and their friendship is put to the test.

Surprisingly sad, it tackles a real issue of prejudice while also reminding us all of the power of friendship. Its featured song, “Best of Friends” is a favorite from the Disney musical canon.

4. The Artist

The Artist has the unique distinction of not only being number 4 on our best dog movie list but also being a winner of a Best Picture Academy Award.

The movie’s human star, Jean Dujardin, earned a lot of recognition for his role. But it was Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier featured in the movie, who arguably became the most famous following the film’s release.

Uggie became a fixture on many red carpets, and his memoir — Uggie, My Story — was published in the US, UK and France.

Uggie worked with professional trainers to prepare for his film roles. And while working with one, like Ty The Dog Guy, may not make your pup world famous, it will definitely improve his behavior and skills.

3. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Though this 1993 film is technically a remake of a 1963 movie, we still consider it to be a classic.

What makes this one of the best dog movies of all time is that the animals in it aren’t playing a side part to human main characters. The animals are the main characters, with the plot line to match.

The movie follows the adventures of two dogs — Chance, an American Bulldog, and Shadow, a Golden Retriever — and a cat named Sassy as they set out on a journey to reunite with their human family.

Voiced by human actors, the animals have complex personalities and complicated relationships. They have to work together to solve problems and survive in the wild. The film showed the most human side of animals, making Chance, Shadow and Sassy as relatable as any human character.

2. Best in Show

This mockumentary style film showed human dog owners and their best, their worst, and their funniest.

The movie follows several different storylines, all centered around characters preparing their pets for a prestigious dog show. Each dog owner the audience is introduced to is quirkier and funnier than the last.

Though the movie pokes fun at how far we’re willing to go for our dogs, it does so in an ultimately loving, and always hilarious way. It’s Christopher Guest doing what he does best, and it keeps you laughing from start to finish.

1. Lassie Come Home

Since its release in 1994, Lassie Come Home has remained the ultimate dog movie classic. It’s a movie you watch when you need to be comforted, or reassured that there’s good in the world.

Its impact is lasting, as it has spawned remakes, TV shows and been referenced throughout pop culture.

It’s a classic for a reason and, in our opinion, the best dog movie of all time.

What Do You Think is the Best Dog Movie of All Time?

We could spend all day debating the merits of one dog movie over another, and our list will not be reflective of everyone’s opinion. But maybe it will lead you to discover a new favorite or inspire you to re-watch a movie you love.

Would you put together a different list? Let us know in the comments or contact uswith any questions or thoughts you want to share.

10 Ways Veterinary Apps Are Changing the Medical Field

Category : veterinary app

veterinary apps

Veterinary Apps are changing the veterinary world for everyone.

Pet owners can now schedule appointments in a matter of seconds, veterinarians can keep track of important information easily, and students have unlimited information on their phones.

But let’s backtrack. What are veterinarian apps?

Take a look at this quick veterinary app guide and find out how they’re making a difference.

What are Veterinary Apps?

There are a lot of veterinary apps out there, and they all do different things.

For example, some apps are created for veterinarians specifically and help them keep track of and complete their day to day tasks. Others are designed for customers looking for veterinarian help.

There are even apps out there tailored to veterinarian students. These apps provide them with valuable information that gets them through school and prepares them for their career.

Each of these apps takes a lot of stress out of veterinarian life and animal health. In case you don’t know about all the benefits from these veterinary apps yet, we’ll break them down for you below.

1. Schedule New Appointments

With an app, scheduling an appointment takes just a few minutes.

Instead of calling a veterinarian clinic or pet hospital and maybe getting put on hold, you can make the appointment yourself on your phone. You don’t have to go back and forth about what dates work for who. You can just pick a date and time yourself.

All you have to do is open the app and press a few buttons.

You can even get reminders for your pets check-up appointments, something that is otherwise dangerously easy to forget about.

2. Get Important Information Easily

If your pet gets sick or has some other medical emergency, you don’t want to waste time Googling what you should do.

Many veterinarian apps will keep emergency information available for you. If you need to rush your pet over to an emergency appointment, they’ll have their address and contact information somewhere easy to find.

3. Order New Medical Supplies

If your pet is on medication or has a special prescription diet, this feature is especially useful.

When you notice your pet is running out of food or needs a refill of medication, you can just hop on the app and make the order. Instead of finding a time to sit down and call them or drive to the vet in person, you can just order the supplies right as you notice you need them.

4. Use In-House Call Veterinarians

This is perhaps the best part of veterinary apps. You can schedule appointments with different veterinarians for in-house calls, taking a lot of stress out of your vet appointments.

These in-house appointments can be very flexible because they are available anytime between eight in the morning and eight in the evening. (Some apps may be different.) When you book an in-house appointment, the vets can usually see your pet that same day.

Some of these in-house services even include grooming.

Unfortunately, these types of apps are location-based, and only a few cities have them. For example, is a veterinary app that is based in San Francisco while VetPronto also covers places like New York and New Orleans.

However, due to their popularity, these apps will probably keep being made for other places.

5. Keeps Your Pet healthy and Calm

Obviously, taking your pet to the vet or refilling their medicine keeps them in good condition, but some animals have a hard time going to the vet.

A lot of animals are afraid of going to the vet, either because they don’t like thetraveling to the vet or because they don’t like being handled by the vet.

Cat’s especially have a difficult time at the vet.

Roughly 85% of cat owners don’t take their cats to the vet because they are afraid of being put into a carrier. A lot of pet parents have a hard time taking their pets to the vet because they have to spend a great deal of energy trying to find ways to calm their pets down (learn more).

In-house visits make vet appointments easier for the animals, the owners, and the vets. The animals will be calmer in their natural environment, and the veterinarian won’t have to inspect a worked up dog or angry cat.

6. Helps Manage Clients

With an app, a veterinarian can easily keep track of what pets they are seeing on any particular day. They can check the time for each appointment, look at the details of the visit, and stay on track with all their clients.

7. Keeps Everything They Need to Know Close

Some veterinarian apps work just like a desktop computer. Everything that’s stored on the computer is now available for the vet on their phone, making looking things up easier and faster.

8. Gives Vets More Flexibility

Like Uber, veterinary apps allow veterinarians to find extra work alongside their normal jobs. This benefits both them and their customers because they are able to make in-house visits when they aren’t working at a clinic.

9. Provides More Job Opportunities

It can be hard to find a job in a pet hospital or clinic, so these apps allow vets struggling to find a job a way to work.

10. Keeps People Learning

Students going through vet school now have the ability to keep all the information they need on their phone.

Some of these apps are expensive, like Merck Veterinary Manual and iDEA, but they let students find information whenever they need it, not just when they are in class.

Veterinary Apps Making the World Easier

Veterinarian apps help students, veterinarians, and pet parents alike. They make keeping track of appointments, scheduling new appointments, ordering new medical supplies, or studying for the next test as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Interested to learn more about life-changing apps? Take a look at how these online medical apps are changing the medical world.